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The Authentic Entrepreneur is a business consulting protocol specifically designed to solve the struggles of married businessmen. Though software, online courses and events, we provide real solutions for the daily problems faced in body, balance, being and business.

The Warrior Program

The Authentic Entrepreneur started the Warrior program back in 2012 to facilitate events and business consulting for men seeking a more hands-on method for understanding the AE protocol. Watch a video to discover how it works.

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The Approach.

The way you approach one area of life, is the way you approach everything. At AE, we attack the 4 key areas of your life in one simultaneous methodology, single-handedly improving your entire life at once… as opposed to a single area, and risking losing ground in the other areas.


We’ve built a tracking software to help measure KPI’s in each area, letting you see progress, make course corrections, and see a legitimate path to hitting seemingly impossible outcomes. 


The game of living this protocol can be a lonely one, requiring a high-level of commitment and energy. We’ve built a network to allow you to engage with other members of AE to get insight, support and inspiration. 


We’ve built deep libraries of resources around the 4 areas of life to constantly gain insights into how to approach outcomes within each of the 4 quadrants. The education libraries are in audio, video and books format. 

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Garrett White


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Sam Falsafi


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Jeremy Finlay


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Jeff McGregor

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